Proof of concept: obsidian-tasks + Google Calendar-style time grid and agenda views

Hey y’all!

I recently started getting into Obsidian after switching over from org-mode, and one thing I was missing was something equivalent to org’s Agenda view. So I made a little proof of concept for an agenda view in Obsidian, forked from the excellent obsidian-tasks, with time grids and an agenda view a la Google Calendar.

The source code is here if y’all want to play around with it: GitHub - dcao/obsidian-tasks: Task management for the Obsidian knowledge base.


Woow! This looks so awesome. I’d love for something like this to be available.

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This would be really nice! It may also be interesting to see some integrations with the following plugins:

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I don’t have much use for Calendar’s dots based on the number of words. I would love to see something like what Jeremy Valentine has done with Fantasy Calendar, where each dot represents an event on that date.


That is such a good shout.

Hey, what a great idea!

Any news about it?
Anything similar?


Could you describe how to use it, it‘s really intriguing

Any news in publishing the plugin?