Proof of concept: obsidian-tasks + Google Calendar-style time grid and agenda views

Hey y’all!

I recently started getting into Obsidian after switching over from org-mode, and one thing I was missing was something equivalent to org’s Agenda view. So I made a little proof of concept for an agenda view in Obsidian, forked from the excellent obsidian-tasks, with time grids and an agenda view a la Google Calendar.

The source code is here if y’all want to play around with it: GitHub - dcao/obsidian-tasks: Task management for the Obsidian knowledge base.


Woow! This looks so awesome. I’d love for something like this to be available.

This would be really nice! It may also be interesting to see some integrations with the following plugins:

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I don’t have much use for Calendar’s dots based on the number of words. I would love to see something like what Jeremy Valentine has done with Fantasy Calendar, where each dot represents an event on that date.


That is such a good shout.