Project & Task Management Workflow

Hi all,

I just thought I’d share my vault template. I’m in the process of attempting to change over from Notion, and would like to use my setup not just for knowledge management, but for project and broader task management.

Basically, I have a setup loosely based on PARA. All tasks are stored in a master tasks folder at the root. Weeks and days are stored in respective folders at the root.

With this workflow, I start by creating projects, and tasks which link back. Or, create small tasks that aren’t project specific using the relevant template. Each week, I select the week number on the calendar to generate a weekly planner. From here, I can see available tasks that haven’t been assigned or completed, and assign these to my week.

Each day, I click on the relevant day in the calendar, and I will see tasks assigned for that day. From here, I add each task along with a start time under the Day Planner heading, so the Day Planner will help me track what I’m doing throughout the day!

Obviously this is a work in progress, and so far I’ve just been replicating a workflow of sorts through trialling different scenarios.

My overall objective is to keep Obsidian largely for note taking & knowledge management, with the aim to allow basic task and project management – preferably without this ‘getting in the way’ of note taking, forming links, etc. I’ve relied heavily on the Dataview plugin to achieve this.

Happy for feedback, recommendations, etc. I’ve only used Obsidian for a couple of days, so I’m sure much more can be done!


Elegant. Thank you so much for sharing.

I guess I’m a bit confused. How do you make use of the templates? I have templates installed and the plugins works - I create a new file and add the project template from templater.

Where does the tp_title and tp_tomorrow information come from?

This looks super useful, I just think I’m overlooking something.

100% not an expert on Obsidian or the plugins yet, but it looks like Templater updated their tags from bracketed e.g. {{tp_title}} to a new syntax specific to Templater functions that follow this format: <%tp.file.title%> Shoutout to @tallguyjenks covering this here.
If you update the templates to that format, they should behave a bit more normally. I’m still working through it on my end, but I hope that starts you on the right path.

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Yes! That did make a difference, thanks for the YT link, that made it seem more clear, too.

Off to update the templates…

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Still using this setup? Mind posting a screen shot or two? :slightly_smiling_face:

I second this request from @james1294 .possibly you can give us a tour (using something like Loom). obviously not showing anything critical or personal. I just crave to see other setups to compare my own but more so, GET IDEAS! :grinning: