"Productive Theme" Best Productive theme for your Obsidian Workflow!

Productivity Theme

Hello ! I made a new theme for my own workflow:
The name is Productive Theme. I made it because i wanted bright and dynamic workflow which can actually make me more productive and make me want to write in Obsidian


  • This theme has almost changes in everything, i.e lists, headings, cool block quote, lists and so on .
  • This theme is for my personal work flow so I will always keep it up to date as long as i am using obsidian
  • This is a theme with diversity of colors which are super cool!


File Download

just download this file and enable custom css in plugin and also in appearance tabs in settings
now just copy the obsidian.css file into your vault.
link:obsidian.css (4.2 KB)


my opinion is that you may or may not like it but you are going to enjoy working in this theme due to diversity and style !
please comment on what you think after trying it.


Ha, gotcha. Come on, you didn’t want a productive theme, you first and foremost wanted an LCARS theme. And for that sir, my hat off to you, because I totally understand. :grin:

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HI Killer Whale ! Honestly I didn’t knew about LCARS but as I said this theme makes me feel more productive Thanks for checking it out!

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Ah, my bad, sorry! It immediately made me think of the Star Trek computers (the LCARS). (Which I’ve always thought very cool!)

No Problem!

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Hi. Does it support light mode?

Kamran! It doesn’t support light mode but sorry to point out that I may not be working on this project for a while because of my studies and whatnot so sorry If you wanted to use it but couldn’t due to lack of update!