Problems getting Templater Plugin working

Hi there,

I’m trying to get up and running but regardless of what I’ve tried my Templater function commands are just being printed out on my page rather than being replaced with the relevant data.

I’m starting small and just trying to get Templater to print out the title of the page with the following code without any luck:

# <% tp.file.title %>

I’ve determined that the plugin as been downloaded, that it’s active and appears to be pointing at my Template folder.

Any help would be really welcome!

In my experience, the core plugin will not trigger the Templater commands and the Templater plugin will not trigger the time and date formats for the core plugin.

Each plugin has a hotkey for inserting templates. I use the hotkey for which plugin I need to trigger the template.


Oh you legend - thank you, that’s done it.

You were right, I was still using the hotkey for the core Template plugin rather than templater.

Seems to be fixed now though. Thanks again!

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