Pressing tab when auto-completing links still adds ]]

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make a link with pipe and custom text: [[|text]]
  2. select existing note before the pipe via auto-complete then press tab

Expected result

According to one of the updates, pressing tab when auto-completing links should not add an extra ]].

Should end up with this: [[existing note|text]]

This is especially useful when editing linked notes with pipe and custom text where you don’t want an extra pair of closing brackets when you press enter (this new update supposedly fixes an old bug report of mine).

Actual result

Pressing tab adds extra brackets like it does when you press enter. End up with this instead: [[existing note]]|text]]

And so my old bug report remains.


  • Operating system: macOS Mojave
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.9

You old bug report was still open. It means that we didn’t think it was fixed. No need to open a new report. :slight_smile:

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