Changing a linked note with pipe & custom text auto-pairs the brackets at the end of the note, not at the end of the custom text

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make a link to a note (or no note) with pipe and custom text [[Note|CUSTOM TEXT]] (or [[|CUSTOM TEXT]])
  2. Prepare to change the linked note to another note (or insert a note) behind the pipe & custom text
  3. Select the new note from auto-select
  4. Click on the note or press enter.

Expected result

The newly inserted note does not auto-pair the brackets behind the pipe:
[[New Note|CUSTOM TEXT]]. Obsidian detects that you are editing the linked note inside closed brackets.

Actual result

The newly inserted note auto-pairs the brackets behind the pipe even though double closing brackets are already present at the end of the custom text:
[[New Note]]|CUSTOM TEXT]].
And so I’d have to backspace on those two closing brackets every time I change the linked note. That, or I manually type the entire file name without selecting the note.


  • Operating system: macOS Mojave
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.6

Additional information

Here’s a gif to explain what I mean:

After asking for help on how I can select the note without closing the brackets, it was suggested to me that I report this as a bug instead.

This also happens when I want to link to a note’s heading. Typing # while changing the note also auto-pairs at the end of the heading, even though it already auto-paired after the custom text when I first made the link. e.g.
[[Note#Heading]]|CUSTOM TEXT]]
instead of:
[[Note#Heading|CUSTOM TEXT]]

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This was fixed at some point

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ayyy nice. Thanks guys :grin: