Pressing Ctrl+R is erasing the Navigation history

Pressing Ctrl+R is erasing (replacing, actually) the Navigation history. As far as I can see Ctrl-R is something like Refresh/Reload files. After applying this command there is no Navigation history. Pressing Alt+Cmd+left-arrow just acts like 'Ctrl+R`.


  • Operating system: Catalina 10.15.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.0
  • Using custom CSS: no

Additional information

I see the same thing in same OS. It also looses the pinned status of a note.

Cmd/Ctrl-R reloads the entire app. It’s almost equivalent to closing the app and restarting. I would expect it to wipe history. Don’t use that shortcut if you don’t want to wipe history.

Update: Turns out you actually can override Ctrl/Cmd-R using any of the hotkey customizations.

But that would still mean that users who don’t remap the key command would get the refresh functionality. I know we’re on Electron and so it makes sense that we’re refreshing the custom browser, but I wouldn’t expect anyone but web/app nerds to see that as expected behaviour.

Maybe find a new feature and just map it by default for everyone so this issue goes away?

I’m not sure. By the same argument, we should remove every semi dangerous default hotkeys like Ctrl-W to close current pane (just like closing a browser tab).

If the hotkey does something you don’t expect the first time, I think most people would just avoid using it the next time.

Though perhaps we could remap Ctrl/Cmd-R to replace since Cmd-H conflicts with hide window on MacOS.

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