Ctrl + R deleting content randomly

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I am finding Ctrl + R in windows is right next to other shortcut keys. The keys can not be remapped, so must mean refresh or something for the chrome engine. Of the times I have accidentally hit these keys, maybe four times now it has resulted in the content of the active pan being deleted, though not the title.

I would suggest that the function be remapped to F5 or checked for why it is behaving like this. I would guess I have hit it about 20 times (all accidental), so 4 out of 20 isn’t very high, but working with live documents, losing content is a bit disconcerting, as one then has to go back and hope that a backup exists that is close to last form. Also breaks the flow of what one is doing, so would good if it could be fixed.

Not sure why it is deleting content; or if I am escaping from the refresh process and causing its deletion, but the undo function does not work either afterwards and nothing is in the obsidian trash.

If nothing can be done, maybe have a copy of the file be put in trash as a backup on refresh?

Thank you for your time and efforts. Peace.

Kassapa (aka Bhante Kassapa)


Ctrl+R does refresh the app, however you shold not lose content when it happens. If you can post a screen recording showing the data loss, we will look into this.

Image -- video now in below post

I think it is happening if Ctrl+R is hit before the 2 second save occurs during work; and is resulting in the deletion of the content of the note.

Thanks for your time and help.

This is a screenshot, a screenrecording would be better. Also, for bug reports, we ask users to not use custom css and third party plugins. Does it happen in the help vault?

I haven’t been able to reproduce your problem.

Sure, of course that makes perfect sense. I miss read your request for video.
Here is the recording in a new vault, no theme, no custom css, safe mode on.

Note I have escaped out of the request, and it results in the emptying of the file.

Sometimes to reload the page takes to long if working on many files. As I don’t mean to push it, so then if it takes to long, I tend to escape out of it as I am in the middle of working. It is just near many other short keys.

Show delete ctrl r.zip (1.8 MB)

thank you for the video

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Related, I had this happen completely randomly a couple nights ago. Obsidian was not responding well (note borders were frozen so note panes could not be resized, for example) so I closed and reopened it, and when I reopened it I discovered about 30 minutes of work in a note had been lost. Also I am using the git plugin which is supposed to auto-commit but apparently had not been executing for that same amount of time.

No recording is available, just passing this along as an anecdote.

I don’t think this is related. But let us know if you find a reproduceble example/the culprit.

Regarding ctrl-r, we will disable it by default.


I just pressed ctrl+r instead of ctrl + e on accident, and then it started ‘loading components’ for about 10 minutes. I thought something went wrong with the application so I closed the window and then opened the application again and everything I had written on the note disappeared, including the things I wrote on it yesterday. It just became an empty note. Is there a way I can get my work back? I tried to restore a previous version of the file in my system explorer but my computer didn’t save any previous versions.

I think this may be what’s happening to me over in Data loss - 0.11.3 - zero byte .md file in vault

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Did you do ctrl+r?!?!

@WhiteNoise Not ^R but I may have done ⌘R (Mac) – same function I think?

yes, same function

@luckman212 I would guess so, did you ever see the loading screen with the line come across the page? I have lost at a few hours of notes now, anyway I have been able to repeat it, so I havn’t found any other bug. It has to happen within the 2 second save time for it to empty the file.

Anyway thanks for the developers for being so helpful. :slight_smile:

@WhiteNoise thanks for the update. Mostly it is good now. I see if Ctrl R is hit multiple times (beginning before 2 second save) it can still delete content, but the standard push once no longer deletes. I don’t know why I had hit it multiple times (some bad habit), but there is still a way for people to lose information. Let me know if you want a another video, or good enough as it is.

Thanks for helping with this issue.

Yes, post another video. Did you by any chance set Ctrl-R to some hotkey and forgot about it?

Good Day @WhiteNoise ,

Ctrl R.zip (1.0 MB) … I created a new vault for the test (safe mode, no plugins, no css, no hotkeys, no special third party programs except for a screen recorder).

I can still delete text via multiple hit, single hit tends not to delete, as Ctrl R is next to Ctrl E for preview/edit, and sometimes the loading kind holds for a while. Possible remapped to F5?

Current location running old i5 with Wind 10, 8 gig of ram, havn’t tested it on another machine.


You are still runnin 0.11.0, the fix in 0.11.4.

@WhiteNoise thanks.

As that is in the VIP beta the latest version, should people who are not developers run that version? Or should I of just checked the change log and waited.

the insider version is more unstable than the general released version. If you have access to insider, it’s up to you if you want to use it or not. Otherwise, wait a week or two and it will become available to everybody.