Practically Paperless with Obsidian (Evernote-to-Obsidian)

For several months I have been writing a weekly blog series, Practically Paperless with Obsidian. The series describes how I’ve been experimenting replacing Evernote with Obsidian in a “practical” way. I discuss my reason for making this move in an introductory post but the gist of it is:

  • future proof: it’s why I like plain text/markdown over other formats for notes
  • security: notes are local files on my computer
  • linking: building personal knowledge management with links between notes
  • practical: for me, it’s okay for some things to still be on paper. What goes into Obsidian is the stuff that has practical value in digital form.
  • learning: I learn a lot from the comments that people post, and readers frequently provide insight for improving how I do this

A decade ago I wrote a popular blog series, Going Paperless, when I was Evernote’s paperless ambassador. My new series tries to take the lessons I’ve learned from that experience and apply them to going practically paperless with Obsidian. These posts are written from a “how-I” perspective. What I do may not work for everyone. Also, a lot of what I am doing is experimenting and evolves over time as I figure out ways to improve.

I’ve been posting these to the Obsidian subreddit, but I thought there might be folks here interested as well. As of this moment there are 23 episodes available, with a new one dropping every Tuesday morning.


Fun! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, Evernote. What could have been…