Possible to sort text within a single document using tag or tags?

Hi everyone! Hope you’re well!

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to sort blocks of text according to the assigned tag or tags - in other words, sort the information within a single document using tags. I’m writing a bullet point outline with blocks of text per each bullet point (let’s call these items). I’ve assigned a specific tag to each block of text (item), sometimes multiple tags. I want to sort the items based on their assigned tag or tags and see them in the correct order.

If you look at the attached images, I’ve provided a demonstration of this using the app Things 3. In this example, I want to see the correlation between the tags #Patented-Technology and #Albus-Frankenstein.

Things I have tried

I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials on how to search for tags on YouTube, read Obsidian’s own help page on tags, and read a bunch of forum threads on the topic of tags, but no matter what I try I can only manage to find files that includes the tags I search for. I’ve not found a way to sort the information within a single document using tags.

Any idea whether this is possible or not? Is there a plugin that can do this?

Something along these lines with Dataview?

Yes, something like that! Thank you! In the example you linked to they use Dataview to view every item in a document assigned with a tag. That’s a great start!

Now I need to figure out if there’s a way to search specific tags and combinations of tags using Dataview! Is this forum a suitable place to ask for specific instructions on how to search for tags like that or are there better places? I’ll read up on it as much as I can but it seems like quite a steep learning curve

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