Possible to have different theme/font settings for macOS and iOS?

New Obsidian user on macOS and iOS. Love it so far.

I’ve set a custom theme on macOS and iOS. Works great. Then I set a custom font for editing on macOS but the font isn’t in iOS. iOS then changes to TimesNewRoman (I think) because the macOS set font can’t be found.

I know the iOS version is new but does anyone know a way to have different theme/font settings per device but still access and edit the same vault?


What you can try is to import Google Fonts to both platforms.

If your font is not on Google Font, you might have to host it/them somewhere else and refer to them in your css.


I have not done this, but you can use different settings for every synch end-point, so you can use one theme for mobile and a different theme for desktop.

Under synch settings, you can choose what that device synchs:


Oh I should also look into that. Thanks for that suggestion.

Thanks for the replies.

I’m not finding those options in macOS or iOS. I turned on the sync core plugin but only see a login screen. Are these options only for the paid Obsidian Sync?

@austin Are those settings in the ObsidianSync area?

You can use different configuration folders for mobile and desktop (Settings > About > Override config folder). You will have to choose a name for the folder. .obsidian.mobile is an example.

Your settings will not sync between devices, but you will be able to choose a different theme or font for each device.

Yes, those are options for Obsidian Sync (paid service).

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@JonathanBuchh The “Override config folder” setting was exactly what I was looking for.

I created the folder and set Obsidian (iPhone) to use that. Relaunched with the default theme and no plugins. Two other devices remain in sync (theme/plugins/etc) while the iPhone is off on it’s own theme wise.

Perfect. Thanks!

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