PopClip extension


  1. Contact https://pilotmoon.com/popclip
  2. Give them url to obsidian for creation of new note and pasting text inside
  3. Give them app icon
  4. Give them url to Obsidian to enter highlight == prefix and suffix for selected text


  1. Bum. The obsidian is in the list https://pilotmoon.com/popclip/extensions/ next to “titans” like evernote, devonthink, bear…
  2. Feature 1: User can paste new note into Obsidian from anywhere via PopClip
  3. Feature 2: User can highlight text inside Obsidian via PopClip


  1. Free “advertisement” of software
  2. Another benefit for users using 3-party apps and Obsidian
  3. No codding and efford from your side

This needs first that an action to create a note and add content is implemented in the URL scheme. The current suggestions in Meta - URL Scheme Actions & Parameters are two separate actions: create then append. If you want a single action/parameter combination, you might want to mention it there (preferably with an example of how it would look).

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Ah, I will add this to the Append request, but conventionally “Append” actions create new notes with the contained text if the targeted note doesn’t already exist. But yes, Popclip actions will need to wait ‘til we have an Append action.


The first thing I looked for when starting Obsidian was a popclip extension :-). I’m using the copy markdown extension for now until I know more about Obsidian.

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