Pop Up Notes

Guys, do you know how to pop up notes like this? I’ve made some search but didint find nothing

160054555-977c1c72-b218-4813-97cd-53a83a7972c8.gif (828×762) (user-images.githubusercontent.com)

Read the Patch Notes here: Obsidian Release v0.14.0 (Insider build)

Also the Help Vault included with Obsidian should include instructions on what you want.

When you say pop-up, are you referring to the callouts or the editor-in-editor?

For callouts, check the docs.

For editor-in-editor, see hover editor plugin


Thank you, this is what was looking for

Ha! Could you clarify which it was? (for posterity in case anyone finds your help question and looks at the solution)

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