Plugins for Common CSS Tweaks?

I keep following this post and I get overwhelmed trying to keep my favorite tweaks intact while surfing different themes to fit my mood (am I the only one who can’t stick with just one theme?). Every time I switch from 80’s Neon to Moonlight or Cybertron, for example, I have to re-tweak the code for those CSS files and do a lot of trial-and-error. Obviously this isn’t mission-critical, but there are certain tweaks that seem to have wide support. Maybe a basic version of each can be made into a plugin?

Alternatively, maybe the CSS tweakers community can decide on a standard format and comment-out the parts we don’t want to include in our custom themes, but leave them there as optional? A template of sorts? I think @Boyd 's Traffic Lights theme goes a good way toward this already, with optional tweaks at the end but standard stuff clearly labeled along the way.

Just ideas.

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Have you tried @import at the end of the stylesheet? I’m no CSS expert but couldn’t you set up different custom overrides for each theme and then source them from the main CSS file? Not ideal, but it would help a little…


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Never heard of that before but it sounds great. Kind of a modular/lego approach. Was wondering if that was possible. I’ll do some research on how it works, thanks!

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I think this could be the base for a CSS manager which could turn settings on or off whichever theme you are using. With a set of CSS tweaks that could be added to any theme whether or not they were there originally.


Somehow the @import does not work on my machine. Have tried both @import "extra.css" and @import url(extra.css), no luck…