Plugins: Daily Note Outline & Multiple Notes Outline

Hello! I’ve released Daily Note Outline v1.5.0.
This version includes numerous improvements to enhance the usability.
Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

:sparkles: New Features

  • Support for List Callouts plugin and Time list
    • List items marked by the List Callouts plugin by @mgmeyers are displayed with coloring.
    • List items with timestamps (- HH:mm text), used in Thino by @Boninall and some scripts, can now be assigned a distinct icon as Time List.
    • List callouts and Time lists can be extracted from the context menu of the extract icon.
  • Date Jumping
    • The behavior of the date range displayed at the top of DNO view has been revamped.
    • Clicking on the date part will display a modal for entering a date, and you can jump to the entered date.
    • Right-clicking on the date part allows you to select a date candidate to jump to (settings-specified base date, 3 months ago, 1 year ago, your first daily note, etc.).
  • Added a feature to create daily notes if unresolved links to non-existent daily notes are present.
    • This is a feature to visualize “backlinks to date”. Please refer to the repository’s description for more details.
  • Outline element text can now be wrapped (Settings → Appearance → Wrap outline element text).
    :dizzy: Improvements
  • Embedded links are now treated as link outline elements.
  • You can now change the icon for backlinks.
  • Tooltip preview is now displayed even for daily notes without outline elements.
  • Separated lists and tasks into different items in the settings screen for better intuition.
  • Added a delay time setting for startup(Settings → Others → Startup delay time). If daily notes fail to load on startup, increasing the delay time may resolve the issue.
    :bug: Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in Reading view where clicking on an outline element would not jump to that position properly. Now the position of the outline element is highlighted when you jump to it.

Released Multiple Notes Outline v0.6.0!

:sparkles: New Features

  • Creating Links to Outline Elements
    • Dragging and dropping a note title or heading element from the view into the editor view will create a link to that note or heading. Dragging and dropping a link element will create an identical link.
    • Right-clicking a heading element or link element and selecting “Copy Link” will copy a link to that heading or an identical link to the link element to the clipboard.
  • Outline element text can now be wrapped (Settings → Appearance → Wrap outline element text).
    :dizzy: Improvements
  • You can now change the icon for backlinks.
  • Tooltip preview is now displayed even for notes without outline elements.
  • Added a delay time setting for startup (Settings → Others → Startup delay time).
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I’ve released Multiple Notes Outline v0.6.1.

This version fixes a bug that prevented views from displaying under certain circumstances. Please update and let me know if the problem persists.

:hammer_and_wrench:Important Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where views would not display under certain conditions.
  • Modified the heading level display settings from individually toggling each level on or off to specifying the maximum level to display.
    :dizzy:Minor Improvements
  • Added the option to select numbered “H” icons for headings.

Interesting plugin, thanks!

Some things that seem important to me:

  • The tags icon for filtering tags is not visible in the tool bars?

  • 4 commands are needed: 2 for jump to favorite files/folders and
    2 for jump to recent files/folders

  • A search bar on top

Just another thing: Do links work on your side in a sandbox vault?
For example:
If I add links from a PDF with the PDF++ plugin to an annotation file (.md file), then no clickable links are visible in the MNO sidebar.
Other question: Is it possible that links created from PDF++ can be opened on the correct page inside the PDF file when clicked from the MNO sidebar (but linked from the annotation .md file) ?

Sorry, but MNO v0.6.1 had a bug. Please update to v0.6.2 :bowing_man:

Thanks for using the plugin!

>Tag on/off icon
I didn’t implement it because I thought it would increase the number of icons and that few people would want to turn tags on and off frequently in the outline. It’s a bit more steps, but you can right-click the gear icon to toggle it from the context menu.

Thank you for your feature request. MNO doesn’t have any commands for manipulating the outline yet. I want to add them eventually, but they are lower priority for now :sweat_drops:

The Daily Note Outline has an extract feature, and I’d like to bring back a similar feature.

>About links
Sorry, but please update to v0.6.2 :bowing_man:. If the problem is not resolved, please let me know.

>Link to PDF
Currently, MNO only loads outline information from .md files and canvas files. MNO retrieves metadata like headings, links, and tags from Obsidian’s metadata cache. However, I think the links from .md files to PDF++ pdf files may be different from those.

Jumping to the correct location in a pdf from an .md file is also not working at the moment, as I had not considered that use case before. I’m not sure if this is a native Obsidian feature or a PDF++ feature. If this worked, it could be useful for bookmarking specific parts of pdfs, which is nice. I will look into whether this is possible to implement.

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This looks good!

I’m searching for a plug-in that allows me to better overview and arrange a project, and this one seems promising.

However, I have a few questions:

  1. I can’t seem to drag and drop titles to rearrange the order, not even within the same note. This feature is possible with the built-in version of the Outliner. Am I missing something here
  2. It’s great that shoutouts are visible in the Outliner, as this means I don’t have to create titles for each paragraph. However, it only shows the first shoutout, even if I have two or more in the same note. Is there a way to display all shoutouts?

I’m sorry if I’m missing a setting or something needed to enable these features. I’m new to Obsidian.

Thank you for using my plugin!

Regarding your first point, the plugin does not currently have a feature to rearrange blocks within a note. While implementing a cross-note rearranging function would be convenient, it is not a high priority at the moment. Custom sorting of notes in Folder View is a desired feature, but instead of implementing it individually, I’m considering utilizing the settings of other custom sorting plugins if possible.

As for your second point, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “shoutouts” due to my limited English skills or knowledge. Could you clarify what you’re referring to? If you’re talking about list items, enabling the “Show all root list items” setting will display all list items at the root level.