Plugins: Daily Note Outline & Multiple Notes Outline

Hello! I recently released my first plugin, Daily Note Outline and now it’s available directly from the community plugin list.
It’s a plugin that displays outlines of multiple daily notes at once to make it easier to find what you wrote. You can choose which element (headings, links, tags, list items) to show as outline, so if you write the categories of content in link form (as perhaps seen in Roam Research, Logseq, etc), but you can still find them.


I’d be happy if you use this plugin and give me a feedback!


Now I have released version 0.2.0!

  • New functions
    • filtering outline element by word or phrase
    • display some file information to the right of file name (number of lines / distance from the base date)
    • show the first line of the file if it has no outline element
  • Improvements
    • hover preview now shows the location of each element
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Released version 0.3.0!

  • New function
    • Two new ways to preview the contents of daily notes were added.
      • Inline preview: show a few subsequent words next to each outline element.
      • Tooltip preview: show subsequent sentences as a tooltip with mouse hover.
    • By default, both are turned on. If you find them redundant, please turn them off in the settings.
  • Improvements
    • added a UI button to open plugin setting
    • click on the date range to jump to Onset date(specified in the settings).
  • Fixed
    • fixed long name items overflowing

It is pretty good!

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Glad to hear that! Thank you for using this plugin!

Hello! I have received a report of an issue in Obsidian v1.1.0 (insider build) where the Daily Note Outline plugin causes a keyboard lockup (possibly overload).

I am trying to fix the problem, but it is difficult to isolate the problem as it does not reproduce in my environment (Windows, insider build v1.1.0 to v1.1.3).
If anyone has experienced a similar problem or knows how to reproduce it, I would appreciate information.

Hello, everyone! I have released Daily Note Outline v0.4.0.

In this version, you can include or exclude specified outline elements along with elements belonging to them. Now you can display only the necessary portions of the outline.

  • New functions
    • Include / Exclude
      • you can include or exclude some outline elements with belonging elements
  • Improvements
    • after an update, the plugin now automatically open its view (no need to reopen from command palette)

I welcome feedback on requests, glitches, confusing terms and descriptions, etc.!


Released Daily Note Outline v0.5.0!

  • Important fix
    • Fixed overload observed in the mobile version under certain situations. Please update and let me know if the problem persists.
  • New function
    • Extract
      • you can extract outline elements including specific words
        1. click magnifying glass UI button and input words to extract
        2. right click on an outline element and choose ‘extract’ in the context menu. Then only elements with same name will be displayed.
      • To stop the extraction, click unextract UI button
  • Improvements
    • added a UI button to create/open today’s daily note
      • right click on the button shows the context menu to create tomorrow’s daily note
    • you can choose default position where this plugin’s view appears in the settings.
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Hello, everyone! I have released Daily Note Outline v0.6.0!

In this version, task items are now displayed with a different icon from regular list items. It is now possible to extract only tasks (right click on magnifying glass icon), which is useful for overviewing task status in daily notes.
In addition, the icon and prefix of each element can now be changed (screenshot below is an example).

  • New functions
    • Now task(checkbox) is treated separately from list items
      • easy to find tasks in daily notes
      • you can extract only tasks (right click Extract icon)
    • Change the appearance of each element in the settings
      • you can change the icon and prefix for each element
      • if you choose ‘custom’ for the icon, specify the name of one of the Lucide Icons in the input field(
  • Improvements
    • By right-clicking on an outline element, you can open the corresponding part in a new tab, new pane or new window.
    • In the settings, the dependent items are now hidden when the primary item is off. I hope that this has made things slightly easier to see.
    • Extraction modal now accepts Enter key
  • Fixed
    • Fixed the extraction function failing in some situations



You have managed to capture everything I was trying to do in my daily notes! Well done. Now I can go back to the Core Feature with this additional plugin.

One suggestion-from me at least-is to add a ‘ball and chain’ feature that would track ALL my activities during the day. Why? I’m in the habit of journaling all activities during the day in a regular ol’ notebook using a pen. (ps., This is helpful for me to review for health issues…) Might not be possible…I’m new to Obsidian and it’s features. Enough said. :slight_smile:


Thank you!
But I couldn’t find out what Chain and Ball feature is. Could you tell me what it is or any software that has the feature?

:upside_down_face: The ‘ball and chain’ was just my own way to express a desired feature that tracks the history of my online history.

Note to myself; Don’t use any type of language other than straight forward Q/A.

Back to your plugin and something that showed up was this
One Note Outline - 1
Not sure how the Bold and Italics editing screen showed up here.

PS. Where do you want other questions for you to be addressed???

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If you mean storing browser browsing history, that would be in the category of browser add-ons, etc. It might be possible as a community plugin for Obsidian, but it would be a different plugin from this one (unfortunately, I don’t know of any plugins with such a functionality).
As for Bold and Italic, I’m not sure, but maybe it’s the plugin’s Inline Styler? I installed it and tried it, and it did not overlap with DNO view in my environment, but if if you are experiencing persistent problems, please let me know the details of the situation.
If you have any questions about Daily Note Online, please send them to this thread or to the GitHub repository.

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I have released Daily Note Outline v1.0.0!

This version adds support for PERIODIC NOTES. That is, the display of weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly notes and different calendar sets.
I hope users of the Periodic Notes plugin will try using it!

For more information on periodic notes, see GitHub - liamcain/obsidian-periodic-notes: Create/manage your daily, weekly, and monthly notes in Obsidian

To use these features, the following steps are required:

  • Install and activate Periodic Notes community plugin and properly configure the granularity and folder paths to be used.
  • Activate “periodic notes” and “calendar sets” in the “Periodic Notes” section of the DNO settings.

After activating the feature, the current granularity (day/week/month/quarter/year) and calendar set name will be displayed on DNO’s view. Left-clicking on them will toggle the granularity or calendar set to display in sequence. Right-clicking on them will show a list and allow you to select one.


  • Calendar sets is a feature added in Periodic Notes v1.0.0-beta version and is not available in v0.0.17. To use this feature, you need to install the beta version of Periodic Notes, e.g., by using Obsidian BRAT plugin.
    • As calendar sets is a beta feature of Periodic Notes, there is a possibility that it may not be available in DNO in the future if there are specification changes in Periodic Notes.
  • Adding this feature required many internal changes, so there may still be some bugs. If you encounter any problems, please let me know here or in GitHub repository.


  • New test function
    • Support for Periodic Notes plugin (display periodic notes, calendar sets)
      • You have to install and enable Periodic Notes community plugin in advance.
  • Improvement
    • View is now automatically refreshed when changing plugin settings
  • Fixed
    • Fixed some outline parsing
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I have received a report that only weekly notes cannot be displayed in Daily Note Outline. (Daily/quarterly notes can be displayed. Periodic Notes plugin is v0.0.17. )

However, I cannot reproduce this problem in my environment.
Have you succeeded in displaying weekly notes? If anyone has a similar situation, I would appreciate it if you could tell me the detailed situation and the settings of the weekly note(Format and Note Folder) in the Periodic Notes plugin.

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I have released Daily Note Outline v1.1.0!

This version includes several improvements and a fix for a problem that prevented periodic notes from displaying well in certain environments.


  • Improvements
    • Several settings can now be changed from the context menu of the Settings button (right click on the gear icon).
    • Outline elements other than headings can now be indented according to the previous heading when specified in Settings->Appearance.
    • Day of the week, week number, and first tag have been added to the list of items that can be selected in Settings->Display file information.
    • Linked notes can now be opened from the context menu of link elements.
  • Fixed
    • Fixed: When using the Periodic Notes plugin v0.0.17, weekly notes would not be displayed in DNO if the first day of the week was set to Monday.
    • Added a setting to display debugging information in the console at the bottom of the settings.
      • At this time, this feature is intended to narrow down the cause of reports of inability to switch to weekly notes when using the beta version of the Periodic Notes plugin in some environments, which I have not been able to reproduce. If you are experiencing similar problems, please send information to this thread or GitHub repository.
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I have released v1.1.1!
This version fixed a problem that sometimes caused non .md files to be displayed unintentionally when using with the beta version of Periodic Notes plugin. (You can re-display them from settings → others → show only .md files).

In addition, the problem mentioned in the previous post, where weekly notes cannot be displayed in certain environments when using the beta version of Periodic Notes, was found to occur in the following situation:
When Periodic Notes beta version is installed manually, the version information in manifest.json is 0.0.17 instead of 1.0.0-beta3, and it does not work correctly due to version inconsistency.
In such cases, reinstalling Periodic Notes beta version using the Obsidian BRAT plugin will correct the problem.

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I have released v1.2.0!
If you are using the beta version of the Periodic Notes plugin, a wider range of file names will be recognized as periodic notes. In this version, if you turn on Settings -> others -> Show only exactly matched files, you will see only files that exactly match the format.


I have released Daily Note Outline v1.2.1!
This version fixes the broken appearance in the latest Obsidian insider build.

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Just wanted to say thank you for this great plugin! Btw, I submitted a small FR on Github regarding folding the daily notes in the overview.