Plugins browser - show "Enabled" status, allow to filter for enabled/disabled plugins

Use case or problem

I have some plugins enabled or disabled and I can’t remember what is what without clicking through each one. I’d like to be able to

  • look through enabled plugins only when looking for documentation;
  • look through disabled plugins only to prune - either think how I’m going to use them or uninstall

Proposed solution

  • “Enabled”/“Disabled” flair to visually distinguish enabled/disabled plugins;
  • more advanced filtering options (perhaps take inspiration from vscode) that would allow you to have various predicates. First ones being “Installed”, “Enabled”, “Disabled”

Current workaround (optional)

Not that I’m aware of. I have to look through the full list of installed plugins or use the search field when I have the word in mind for what I’m looking for.

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Yes, I would also welcome that for my 40 plugins.
At the moment I am monitoring 207 out of currently 1016 plugins via a Seatable view …
Google Photos
… that I created from a personal status table within rami.sedhom’s excellent Plugin categorization.

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