Plugin categorisation

Use case or problem

Now we have a lot of plugins. the catalogs grow pretty fast.
I have found that now is hard to find a plugin that answers my needs.

Proposed solution

Add categorisation for plugins e.g.

  • UI/UX
  • Databases /
  • Productivity
  • Quality of notes

and add possibility to browse them by each category

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


Just trying to do it for myself. It’s interesting exercise :slight_smile:

Update 2021-09-02 19:13:

I move the google spreadsheet to Airtable database for better categorization and collaboration.

Here is the Airtable database to collaborate :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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very cool - will take a more thorough look later.

Finished categorizing 298 plugins to 38 category, here is the summary:

Category Description Count of plugins/Category
View Change views and display 56
Edit Plugins help in editing like toolbars, auto-completions, sorting, … 33
Integration Intergate with other services or applications 30
Task Task management 19
Shortcut Hotkeys 18
Link Edit external or internal links 17
Style Appearance, themes, colors, fonts, … 17
Automation Automate create, update, delete of notes 14
Convert Converter from/to md 14
Search Querying 14
Refactor Reformat note, doing much changes automatically 12
Render Plugins add specific renderar to Obsidian like graphs, … 10
Navigation 8
File Manipulate files/folders 7
History Notes history 7
Template 7
Editor Plugins enabling Obsidian to edit files other than md 5
Miscellaneous Can’t categorize yet, to be minimized as possible 5
PDF Plugins that handle PDF files 4
Statistic Show, display statistics info 4
Chart 3
Chinese Plugins related to Chinese language 3
Game 3
Image Handle image files 3
Mindmap Display notes as mindmap 3
Security 3
Vim Plugins related to Vim mode 3
Attachment Handle attahchments 2
Backup Backup plugins 2
Date Handling dates 2
Math Edit math expressions 2
Mobile Special plugins for obsidian mobile app 2
Video/Audio Handle video/audio files 2
Calendar 1
Financial 1
Japanese Plugins related to Japanese language 1
Journal Daily, weekly, monthly notes 1
Workspace Enhance Obsidian workspaces 1

Any advises about categories, naming, description?


Hi rami.sedhom
Yesterday I was able to view Google Sheets that I prefer as I’m unfamiliar with Airtable - I just sent you a message via Google Sheets requesting access.

Sorry @ichmoimeyo I’ve deleted the Google Spreadsheet as I found Airtable more flexible to maintain with multiple values per field, APIs, different views, multi-user friendly, …

I also believe it’s easy to use, even if no previous database knowledge. Just give it a try and let me know.

Understood - I wish you good luck with the project & might well be “borrowing” some of your categorization ideas to build my own - personal - Google Spreadsheet or more likely just restructure my existing Chrome Bookmarks Plugins folder hierarchy.

I can see you get into the Airtable database. You have “Editor” privilege by which you can comment on records, edit records and views. Feel free if you want to take copy into your own spreadsheet if you want.

If you have better categorization, let me know.

Actually, last 2 days, I observed that plugins list increase around 6-8 plugins everyday, so I spent some hours yesterday to build a python script to automatically update plugins list in Airtable database from the Obsidian community json. It’s almost 90% done.

I can think :thought_balloon: of some python AI script, in the future, to automatically categorize new plugins learning from existing list, but this may take some time. But it’s interesting, right?

Actually I found the whole exercise interesting, going through every plugins, trying to understand its function and hence I build my own interesting list of plugins in “My Plugins” table which reach 200+ out of ~300 :smiley:

thanks, I just did so using

I am new to Obsidian - only since the general Mobile release.
I have about 50 plugins installed but only a few enabled at any time so as to avoid conflicts - my “try next” plugin list is growing and I had been deliberating on how to best categorize them when I saw your post.

Apart from suggested plugins from Bryan Jenks, Nick Milo & the weekly Obsidian Roundup I also had been searching the “Obsidian community json” to find plugins - your python script will be a great asset.

"…some python AI script, in the future, to automatically categorize…¨ interesting indeed :slight_smile:

I’m mainly focusing on learning Obsidian Dataview & Logseq’s Datalog right now.

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Thanks for sharing, I find it interesting :+1:

I like “Try Next” idea, I will use it to update my interesting list workflow, now it will be like:
1 Not Interested
2 Interested
3 Try Next
4 Installed (and not enabled)
5 Enabled (and not used)
6 Used

which can be found in “My Plugins (don’t do changes here please)” table :wink:


Here is the script: Update "P-Obsidian Plugins Categorization" Airtable database with " Community Plugins" · GitHub

I’ll run it, manually, every now and then to update the Airtable database and categorize the new plugins. It could be hosted on any serverless FaaS to run automatically once a day but I don’t have any for now.


hi, here is a discussion you might want to get involved in …

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FYI, I’ve collected all the scripts, links into 1 github repo: GitHub - ramisedhom/obsidian-plugins-categorization: The purpose of this project is to categorize the community or third-party plugins. This effort is mainly to help myself and others to find the proper plugin for personal needs..

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I’m moving the Obsidian Plugins Categorization from Airtable to Seatable for larger number of records and better collaboration.

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