【plugin showcase】quickly add the link display text to the front matter of the target note

use case

when we make an inline alias like “[[note1|this is a test note]]”,the text “this is a test note” will note automatically appear on the front matter of [[note1]]. we have to manually copy paste the text “this is a test note” into the front matter of the note “note1”. this is not convenient and hinder the idea of atomic note-taking in obsidian, since an aotomic note can be a concept and a concept could be expressed in different way in different context.

plugin fuction showcase

we have two note
note1 and note2
note2 have links to the existing aliases of note1

create new alias of note1 just by inline alias of note2


we can see that after pressing the shift+alt+a hotkey, the inline alias of note1 in note2 have been added to the front matter of note1 and the original aliaes in note1 were automatically reformatted in the note alias plugin’s format with the content remain intact.

stroy about this plugin

I have plowing through tons of obsidian related plugins on github for those dealling with aliases, and I found this unreleased plugin, i filed a request and the author responsed, this is the symbol of sharing changes others life and make our life better. so I decided to write a quick showcase article to introduce this amazing plugin.


name of the plugin : obsidian-note-aliases
link : is there any news on this plugin? · Issue #1 · pulsovi/obsidian-note-aliases (github.com)

another request

during my quest for finding pluing dealing with inline alias, i found another plugin that could automatically add inline alias to the front matter of the target note. but it loses function after obsidian 1.0 update. I am not good at coding,so i wonder if anyone could look at the code and find some way to revive the plugin. here is the link to that plugin

is there any news on this plugin? · Issue #1 · scaytrase/obsidian-alias-enricher (github.com)

The “inline alias” is called the “display text”. https://help.obsidian.md/Linking+notes+and+files/Internal+links#Change+the+link+display+text

Thank you for reminding this, I changed the title

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