Plugin for Bullet Threading


I couldn’t find any thread related to what I need.
The idea it is to have the same bullet connection that there is in LOGSEQ for the bullets.
I work a lot with bullets and indentations, it will pretty helpful to have this kind of guide for this cases.

If there’s something that already exists for this kind of request, let me know!


Happy to see that I’m not the only one who is missing this functionality from Logseq :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, I did not find a solution, more a workaround…

Since I use bullet list style only for my daily notes, I share the vault with Logseq and edit the file using their editor. You would need to keep some formating settings in sync (e.g. tab size), but I would not consider it overhead.

Would love to hear if someone has a solution in Obsidian.


I like obsidian more, and would like to see this feature added! Anyone? :smiley:

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it’s one of the great logseq features, the plugin for bullet threading is a wrapper on the dev theme in logseq’s marketplace ,
would love something similar thing in obsidian

+1 I need for this.

1.1.9 update to electron 21

some one could add this features