Plugin for Bullet Threading

Here it is:


Guess what,
it was a nice challenge.

list-threading list-highlight list-both

I also provide an alternative highlight version with different colors per indentation level. (I find it rather intrusive though, so would either further reduce colors alpha or keep it off).


  • I’m using the default theme, I haven’t tried with any other themes. It’s up to you if you want to make it work with different styles;
  • I tried my best to make it work with different font sizes in the default theme though;
  • I only made styles for 6 indentation levels. I wasn’t happy to invent more detailed yet still sequential and relatively distinct gradient. And when you go beyond that - it is likely a time to break down the list into heading sections or files anyway.

Until I have a proper place (and time) to share my Obsidian stuff, these CSS snippets will live in a Gist there, so people will always see the most up to date version in case I made any changes:


Ok wow. U definitely aced it. This is great and I love it.

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