Plugin Developmen Help/Initiation

Help - How do I get started developing plugins? Where to start and where to search for knowledge?

Before I begin asking, first I’ll give you the context of the situation.

My name is Kinmury and I’ve been using Obsidian for about 6 months by now. I consider myself as a user who knows relatively well most of the basic concepts about the usage of this app, some of the ways you can organize all your notes, how the different basic tools the program provides, among many other things.

I have basic knowledge (maybe a little intermediate knowledge as well, but not too much) about HTML and CSS in relation to how to customize the program. All the knowledge that I have gain through out this 6 months was through Discord channels and Obsidian Forums posts. If it weren’t for this amazing program and all the people who are involved with it I wouldn’t have even the smallest idea about HTML, CSS, PKM, Markdown, etc.

It was an amazing experience learning all the mentions stuff (and I’m still learning because there is still a lot to learn). I want to thanks to all the people who actively helps on the Obsidian Forum posts and in the Discord channels, without you I wouldn’t know nothing.

However, I don’t want to stop there. There is still a lot of stuff I want to learn, and one in particular: “Plugins”. I want to learn how to develop plugins and try to develop one on my on, just to see if I can succeed and, most importantly, to learn more think about programming in general :D. BUT, there is a major problem:

“I don’t have the slightest idea where should I start”

Well, that is not at all true, because I’m capable of setting the workspace to begin working on a plugin, following the instructions from here:

In the case that I wasn’t being clear: My level of knowledge on how to program a plugins is “None existed”. That’s why I want help from the people who knows how to make a plugin and I wish they could laid me a hand :D

As far as I know, the knowledge that I need to obtain in order to make it is:

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js

However, I’m not sure if I’m in the right direction. Currently I’m learning TypeScript from this page, since its whats recommended from a posts I read on this forum.

Still I’m lost and not sure at all if I’m doing the right things for obtaining the knowledge I need to develop a plugin.

In conclusion

Please, ¿could you specify which are the steps I need to take to gain the knowledge? ¿Where I need to go to find that knowledge? ¿Is there something more that I should be learning a part from what I already said?


Plugins mini FAQ

Hi, I found a YouTube video about developing plugins for Obsidian: Create Your Own Obsidian Plugin | How To Get Started