Plugin : CardBoard (a kanban for your markdown tasks)

Great plug in! Maybe it’s just me but are there any plans to add drag and drop support for cards on mobile? Looks like touch / hold doesn’t grab them. The Kanban plug in looks like it can

Hello Rupert,
I’ve looked up on Github and Obsidian forum for this issue, but couldn’t find anything.

I’ve installed the plugin, and tried clicking on the Cardboard icon on the left sidebar, but Obsidian hangs the moment I do that.

Could you please check?


Hi all - and thank you for the kind words I have discovered since last looking at this thread :slight_smile:

I have just pushed a new release which is the first on the road to drag and drop. You can now re-order boards by dragging the tab headers on the main page or by dragging their names on the settings panel.

I realise that this is a long way short of dragging cards around, but what I have implemented should be expandable to do this once I get the (quite substantial) pre-requisits in place and decide on how to handle all the possible cases that will arise!

@donjjones - I would like drag and drop to work on mobile too. The limited drag and drop functionality I have doesn’t yet but I have added a card (Drag and drop on mobile · Issue #180 · roovo/obsidian-card-board · GitHub) on github to track this

@darkn8dj - I will take a look using a fresh vault as I am not seeing problems with my vaults.

@endlessblink, @monomolecular - I don’t handle priorities at the moment. In reality it will be a while before I get to this as drag and drop is the next push. Tracking on Order tickets based on priority · Issue #153 · roovo/obsidian-card-board · GitHub

@andrewchen96 - you should be able to use a css snippet along these lines to customise the colours (although this will only set the colours, they will still be determined by the due date)

.card-board-view .card-board-card-highlight-area.critical {
  background-color: red;

.card-board-view .card-board-card-highlight-area.good {
  background-color: green;

.card-board-view .card-board-card-highlight-area.important {
  background-color: orange;

Do add an issue on github if you would like the potential to use tags for setting the color.

hmmm - seems to work OK for me with a fresh vault. Possible issues I can think of:

  • you have a rather large vault and the plugin is struggling to parse it (it scans/parses all the markdown files in a vault when it starts up)
  • there is a file in the vault it is getting stuck parsing. Not sure why this would be, but it may be possible that something is tripping it up.

If you open the console in the developer tools in obsidian do you see any errors logged when you click the icon? You can access developer tools via the menu bar (View > Toggle Developer Tools) or use the hotkey (cmd+ option + i on Mac or ctrl + shift + i for Windows).

Just pushed a new version with the ability to set the sidebar color on cards based on tags. You need to use css snippets for this, see:

for more details on how to do this.