Plugin : CardBoard (a kanban for your markdown tasks)

Great plug in! Maybe it’s just me but are there any plans to add drag and drop support for cards on mobile? Looks like touch / hold doesn’t grab them. The Kanban plug in looks like it can

Hello Rupert,
I’ve looked up on Github and Obsidian forum for this issue, but couldn’t find anything.

I’ve installed the plugin, and tried clicking on the Cardboard icon on the left sidebar, but Obsidian hangs the moment I do that.

Could you please check?


Hi all - and thank you for the kind words I have discovered since last looking at this thread :slight_smile:

I have just pushed a new release which is the first on the road to drag and drop. You can now re-order boards by dragging the tab headers on the main page or by dragging their names on the settings panel.

I realise that this is a long way short of dragging cards around, but what I have implemented should be expandable to do this once I get the (quite substantial) pre-requisits in place and decide on how to handle all the possible cases that will arise!

@donjjones - I would like drag and drop to work on mobile too. The limited drag and drop functionality I have doesn’t yet but I have added a card (Drag and drop on mobile · Issue #180 · roovo/obsidian-card-board · GitHub) on github to track this

@darkn8dj - I will take a look using a fresh vault as I am not seeing problems with my vaults.

@endlessblink, @monomolecular - I don’t handle priorities at the moment. In reality it will be a while before I get to this as drag and drop is the next push. Tracking on Order tickets based on priority · Issue #153 · roovo/obsidian-card-board · GitHub

@andrewchen96 - you should be able to use a css snippet along these lines to customise the colours (although this will only set the colours, they will still be determined by the due date)

.card-board-view .card-board-card-highlight-area.critical {
  background-color: red;

.card-board-view .card-board-card-highlight-area.good {
  background-color: green;

.card-board-view .card-board-card-highlight-area.important {
  background-color: orange;

Do add an issue on github if you would like the potential to use tags for setting the color.

hmmm - seems to work OK for me with a fresh vault. Possible issues I can think of:

  • you have a rather large vault and the plugin is struggling to parse it (it scans/parses all the markdown files in a vault when it starts up)
  • there is a file in the vault it is getting stuck parsing. Not sure why this would be, but it may be possible that something is tripping it up.

If you open the console in the developer tools in obsidian do you see any errors logged when you click the icon? You can access developer tools via the menu bar (View > Toggle Developer Tools) or use the hotkey (cmd+ option + i on Mac or ctrl + shift + i for Windows).

Just pushed a new version with the ability to set the sidebar color on cards based on tags. You need to use css snippets for this, see:

for more details on how to do this.

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Just dropped a new version of the plugin (0.7.5). I’ve done a pretty big overhaul of some of the internals around the definition of columns, which was needed as I add more drag-and-drop-ability (currently limited to re-ordering boards and columns). New features in this relase are:

  • You can define your own custom date-based columns, so aren’t limited to the ones I initially implemented (shout out to those who prefer their overdue tasks to be in their own column instead of at the top of the ‘Today’ column).
  • You can mix and match columns - if you want date and tag based columns on the same board, you should find this useful.
  • You can re-order columns. At the moment you have to do this in the settings dialog - I do intend to add drag-and-drop column reordering in one of the next releases.

Enjoy - any issues, just let me know. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Just released a new version(0.7.6) - mostly squashing bugs and adding some miscellaneous features:

New Stuff

  • Select files or directories you wish to ignore when loading tasks into CardBoard. This will come in useful if you have templates which contain tasks that you don’t want to see on your boards. It can also speed up load time of the plugin as you can ignore any files or folders you know will never contain any tasks you wish to see on your boards.
  • Choose to use either Local or UTC time in timestamps when marking tasks as complete.
  • Confirmation dialog added for card deletion.
  • Display the year of the task on the card if it is different to the current year.

Bugs fixed

  • The filter definitions selector in settings is now scrollable, fixing an issue where it was not possible to add tag or path filters.
  • CardBoard now respects the Obsidian Appearance settings for Text Font and Font Size.
  • Fixed an issue with some cards loosing their content at midnight.
  • Fixed issues where cards could appear in unexpected columns if a board has an Other Tags column.

…and a small release: version 0.7.7

  • columns can now be re-ordered on a board using drag and drop

That’s it :slight_smile: …any problems, just let me know!

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Hi there, I’ve just dropped another release (0.7.8):

  • Due date can now be configured (added/changed/removed) via the CarBoard view: via a context menu if you right click on a card.

Hopefully pretty straightforward! Apart from being useful in itself, this is another feature that is needed to get drag and drop implemented, which is still the major push at the moment. Still a way to go, but expect smallish releases as I get things progressed.


Hi all

I’ve just added a new release (0.7.9). This is one of the building blocks for drag and drop and there are no new features to try. I have done quite a bit of work on the internals of the plugin though. It should help the plugin load more quickly if you close and re-open the CardBoard view. I am hoping that it hasn’t had any negative performance implications in other ways (let me know if you notice any - either good or bad)!

The next feature will be adding the ability to set the sort order for tasks in each column…

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New to Cardboard. Can cardboards be shared between devices like laptop, iPad, and iPhone? I must be missing something . . . I start on the laptop but often reference with phone or iPad when mobile.

Hiya - it should work on an iPad and iPhone assuming your vault is synced somehow. Having said that, some features like drag and drop of columns to re-order them wont work as I have not added anything specific to handle drag events. Also, I have done nothing with the layout to make it better on smaller screens so you get the same ‘big-screen’ experience - so it might be a bit janky on a phone.

All the basic features should work fine tho. I will be looking at mobile specifically at some point in the future to fix the things that don’t work (like any drag and drop functionality) and to give a better small screen experience. In practice this will be quite a way out as the current work I am doing on drag and drop for cards is going to take some time to complete.

Thanks for the response. I will be doing the heavy lifting on the laptop, with just referencing on mobile. No rush, but good to know your plans. Best of luck to you. I know a lot of people really like this plugin.

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Hi there, I use Tasks plugin with a few custom statuses and would love a kanban view based on the statuses. Is that not achievable with the Cardboard plugin?

hey hey, is there a way to add custom emojis/ icons for the due date, recurring etc. Or even disable all icons? I have downloaded a css file for the Task plugin but when I’m in the Cardboard view it uses the default emojis :frowning:

Hi there. Love the plugin and use it all the time. I wondered if you have any plans to add a feature to arrange tasks by their priority setting.