Plugin : CardBoard (a kanban for your markdown tasks)

Tasks compatibility is here.

Just released version 0.6.0 which understands due and completion dates in Tasks format out of the box. There is a new setting in CardBoard’s Global Settings tab which you will need to change if you want Cardboard to use Tasks format when marking tasks as complete on the board.

Any probs, just let me know :slight_smile:


…and just added Dataview compatibility too…


Thanks rupert, for this wonderful plugin.

I’ve been using a workspace with four notes and the Tasks plugin up to now to achieve something similar to the Cardboard Date board (see screenshot below). Your solution is much more elegant and functional.

I hope you don’t mind if I mention a few ideas that might be useful for some users…

  • Allow to give the “Undated” column a custom name
    • Just a nice-to-have for users who consider every undated task a Backlog item and would like to name the “Undated” column accordingly :slight_smile:
  • For tasks in Daily Notes: allow an option in Settings to not use the date of the Daily Note as the Due Date of the Task.
    • I often add Tasks to my Daily Notes. If I don’t explicitly provide a Due Date I’d rather see them in the Undated (Backlog) column of the Task Board. Otherwise they will start to pile up in the Today column and make me lose track of the tasks with a “real” due date for today.
  • If Tasks Plugin is installed: provide an option to open the Tasks plugin’s modal editor from within the board. Please see the red comment in the screenshot below. This could be a real time saver since It would allow to edit the Task without having to open the note that contains it.

Thanks again for your great plugin!

Thanks for the comments - I was going to say to slap some issues on github but I see you’ve been there, done that :slight_smile:

Apart from the Tasks integration, all seem pretty do-able and would fit in nicely with some of the other things I want to get done (i.e. custom name for undated → I would probably generalize to custom names for all pre-named columns to give better non-english support).

On the Tasks integration, I am talking with @ClareMacrae about better integration so we will discuss this :slight_smile:

Thank you again - very much appreciated

Thanks, rupert! :slight_smile:

Greate done. I really hope that more people can find this plugin.It will surprise you so much.

I think the concept of this plugin is very good. In the past few days, it has quickly replaced my needs [Kanban plugin].

Its concept is very good

-You can maintain your tasks, to-do list or anything else anywhere.
-Users do not need to maintain a list separately to establish the relationship between tasks and Kanban;

Please continue and go on!

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Hi folks

some updates to CardBoard to share:

  • Supports Unicode in #tags → hello to emojis and other languages!
  • Obsidian RTL setting honoured → you can flip the board columns and cards so stuff flows from right to left.
  • Clicking on a #tag on the board opens up the obsidian search for the tag (like it does in the rest of obsidian).
  • Works with the Colorful Tag plugin. When adding this I’ve had to break the old way of customising tags using CSS Snippets. Check the Cardboard ReadMe for info on how to update any snippets you may have (or preferably use the Colorful Tag plugin).

available here: Plugins - Obsidian

If anyone is an RTL language user and can help with suggestions on how I can/should better support RTL languages then please do let me know.

Next things to work on are custom names for auto-generated columns and initial work on better integration with the Tasks plugin (recurring tasks are first on the agenda).

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a couple more Cardboard updates:

  • Customizable column names; for the auto-generated columns (e.g. Untagged, Today, Completed, …).
  • Completed tasks shown with strike-through text.

available here: Plugins - Obsidian

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This is just what I needed for task management to become a reality! Great job!

It allows for Obsidian to be a visual task manager, which is exactly what was holding me back from jumping in beyond just note taking. A couple of questions though…

Q1) Is multi-state tasks on the roadmap? In my old-school analog method, I used symbols to signify different states; it’s so much easier than tags. Some examples are below:

  • Unchecked
  • [+] In Progress
  • [?] Need More Info
  • [>] Scheduled / Deferred / Delegated
  • [!] Important
  • [x] Completed

Q2) If you can do this and drag/drop where can I send you a case of… coffee?

Yes - it is on the roadmap :slight_smile:

I would probably look at slotting it in after drag and drop (which is the next thing to start after the current work I’m doing on tag boards). Although there is a possibility that I may do it sooner as I know that drag and drop is going to be quite a big task so I may find myself popping the odd other thing in to give myself some relief :slight_smile:

I see you’ve added an issue on to github - thank you!! - I’ll do some triaging of issues and feature requests over the Christmas break so will keep that up to date as I have thoughts/questions and as it moves up the priority stack.

I’ve been putting off drag and drop for the best part of a year :scream: so I need to get going on it!!

Quick question!? Does your plugin work with iPadOS. I’ve installed it on my iPad Air. It shows up in Community Plugins. But, doesn’t show up in my listings in order to modify any parameters.

Sorry….after re-reading the GitHub site, I found the instructions for setting up the Plugin. Looks amazing………Let the testing begin! :wink:

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Just pushed a new release: v0.7.0

There are changes in this release that may change the behavior of your boards as there were some spurious edge cases I needed to fix. These led to odd behavior such as cards vanishing from a board when being marked as complete and some changes on what appeared on a card depending on which column it was in. I am hoping that the new behavior is an improvement! It is more consistent and is needed in order to start working on drag and drop.


  • Supports all valid CommonMark unordered list markers (-, +, *) → thank you @MattiasMartens :slight_smile:
  • Option to choose whether to apply tag filters to top level tasks, sub-tasks, or both.


  • Sub-task tags now shown inline rather than at the top of the card.
  • Edge cases where cards could disappear from boards when marked as complete or would look different depending on which column they were in fixed.

Heya - just dropped a new release: v0.7.1 - Collapsible Columns

Should be pretty straightforward. To ensure that columns don’t move about in the view when collapsing and un-collapsing columns, I have had to fix the width of columns. If you don’t like the width I have chosen you can change it using a css snippet - see towards the end of the README.


version 0.7.2 released - the first release on the journey towards drag and drop!

  • Added a Global Setting to disable using daily note dates as the due date for tasks.
  • You can now add @due(none) to a task line if you want to turn off using the daily note date as the due date for a specific task on a daily note page.
  • Fixed issue where cards would display with no text on them if you split the CardBoard window to the right or down.

Loving this plugin so far. However, I have some questions about styling. Is it possible to change the color of the side of the cards based on certain tags for a tag-based board? I know that for the time-based one, colors are automatically set for the side of the card based on its due date, I was wondering if I could modify some parts of the css to customize my card colors.

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@rupert you are CRUSHING it.
You can see how much of a positive change you’re making in the world by people asking for feature requests - that’s pure adoption!

Super excited for click-and-drag :slight_smile:


Love this plug-in! Is there anyway to query tasks by priority? For example, I’d like to define a column that includes all the high-priority tasks.

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Newish user to Obsidian and long term struggler finding a solution which works for my workflow. This Plugin is gold to me. I take notes in lots of different projects during the day and I have tasks that I can’t forget about in all of them.

The combination of note taking and task management seems to be the key to organize my complicated and cluttered mind and work/personal life.

Thank you a thousand times! I hope I can buy you a coffee somewhen.

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Love this plugin and use it daily! Many thanks for developing it!
Alas, I have a question about it’s features: Is it possible to sort tasks by priority (so that tasks with higher priority will appear higher in the the row)?


Hi Ruppert, this is js great, after I checked how to add a new board! :flushed: This is exactly what I’was looking for.

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