Plugin : CardBoard (a kanban for your markdown tasks)

…(hopefully) helping to make working with tasks in obsidian a pleasure…

So, what is CardBoard? I hear you ask…

Well, if you’re anything like me (somewhat disorganized) with tasks spread all higgledy piggledy throughout your vault that you loose track of and you also have a particular penchant for kanban-syle boards, then you probably should give it a look.

You may also find it useful if you are more organized than I am, but if you really don’t like kanban-style boards then I would probably steer clear!

Daily notes support is built in, plus you can use #tags to define custom boards. It handles sub-tasks and task notes (just indent stuff under a task).

More info in the Readme and more features to come. I hope you find pleasure in using it :slight_smile:

You can find it under the community plugins in obsidian. And a big big thank you to @darthmachina and @stufro for learning some elm and contributing!


I think this plugin fell under the radar. As an occasional user of the Kanban Plugin, Cardboard very quickly took over my Kanban needs over the past few days.

They solve different problems, but for my use-case CardBoard is a great way to be able to tag tasks throughout my vault and then quickly step back and be able to get an overview.

Still figuring out how to include it in my workflow, but sure I’ll be back with pesky feature requests soon :grin:

Thanks a lot for sharing @rupert !

np & thanks - look forward to your thoughts/suggestions :slight_smile:

…currently working on using filters when setting up boards to restrict them to specified files, paths, or tags. And have a couple of pull requests waiting to be merged too (thanks to @darthmachina).

Hey folks - CardBoard 0.3.2 has just been released.

Board Filters have arrived (as well as support for front matter tags and loads of refactoring under the hood). Board Filters allow you to use file, path, and tag filters to control which tasks go on which board.

Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 20.56.28

If you’ve not come across CardBoard before, I built it to help me manage my markdown tasks:

  • You can keep your tasks wherever you like in your vault.
  • You can view them on kanban style boards.
  • Use regular tasks and subtasks.
  • Two board types are supported:
    • Date based (with daily/periodic notes support).
    • Tag based (use #tags to define your boards - including front matter tags).

Enjoy and Happy Christmas


I’m enjoying the plug-in; it fits my workflow a lot better than the kanban plugin.

One issue that is bothering me is that when clicking the icon to open the board on the sidebar, it would open the panel to take the entire area, closing the current open note.

After nearly a year - I’ve just dropped another release :slight_smile:

Nothing major, mostly some bug fixes (and the requisite refactoring)

  • Fixes layout issues (top of boards were hiding under the page heading bar)
  • Tags are now parsed in the same way as obsidian - thanks @darthmachina
  • Completed count setting now works on Tag Boards - thanks Stu Frost

Hopefully something more like new features next time (and hopefully sooner than in 9 months time)

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