Please add the "Add image" option to the context menu

Great that you were able to include text formatting options in the context menu. This essentially addresses my request regarding “Add a toolbar for text formatting from the mobile version to the desktop version”. Although it’s a slightly different approach, it suits me overall and almost completely fulfills the necessary functions. Therefore, moderators can close this issue.

The only thing that should still be added to the context menu is the “Add image” option. It’s very commonly used, and you wouldn’t believe how often I’m asked how to insert images in desktop Obsidian. It shouldn’t pose any difficulties, so I hope this can be implemented in the upcoming updates.

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Hi @MartinJDavis93 ,
You would like to add some .PNG or .Jpeg ? the drag and drop fonction is very easy, but I see there is around 54 plug in with word “image”… I am sure you will find it!