Please add a toolbar for text formatting from the mobile version to the desktop version

Please add a toolbar panel (shown in the screenshot) for formatting text from the mobile version to the desktop version (either at the bottom or top of the page). It shouldn’t be difficult to implement, but for the average user who is not familiar with Markdown markup, it would be very convenient.


Maybe try the Editing Toolbar plugin. It has the functionality you’re looking for.


It’s just as bad as cMenu. And, in general, why bother inventing something when it’s already natively implemented in the mobile version. Moving it to the desktop version as a separate panel shouldn’t pose any problems. In Obsidian’s settings, add a switch with the option to disable it for those who prefer using hotkeys or simply don’t need the panel. It’s strange that the developers didn’t optimize it for desktop from the very beginning. It seems obvious.

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Yeah, I don’t disagree in principle, and it would certainly for within current efforts to give obsidian a broader appeal.

Great idea. It could also partially resolve my problem of having handy set of custom background highlight colors available on the panel. On desktop there are only 5 custom colors available in “Editing Toolbar” plugin, and I couldn’t manage to put highlighting color palette on “Cmenu” plugin panel on PC, and its only available after rightclick on selected text