Please add options to make working with panes easier

Tabs are good for a lot of reasons, and some people work better with tabs, but my main workflow is almost exclusively pane based. I need to have notes open side by side (I’ve set up a vault for my freelance work where I keep all my info on clients and projects, and have built out task and time trackers). In the previous version, middle clicking the mouse would spawn the new note in a pane to the right, which was fast and convenient, but now it seems like the only way to get a new pane is to either click and drag, or use extra keyboard hotkeys + click.

Please add options to set the default behavior of the mouse middle click, and maybe a way for the user to toggle off tabs completely if they don’t want to use them. They add visual distraction and take up space at the top if the user isn’t interested in using a tab workflow.