Persistent Undo

Use case or problem

Obsidian users likely tend to move between files a lot, making changes. Undoing these changes after closing a pane and then reopening that file is useful, but currently impossible.

Proposed solution

Implement persistent undo. As shown here

Current workaround (optional)

Be very careful about editing.

Related feature requests (optional)

Using nvim (neovim) as the backend would solve this and many other editor related feature requests and problems.

Related thread.


I would also like to support this - I lost data the other day following a cut/paste/delete and attempted undo.

Agreed. Here is a relevant request: Clipboard data loss prevention through history states


Hello. First - new user to Obsidian and I LOVE it!

Remembering undo across tabs/editors is a must. All text editors that I use work this way - typora, sublime, vscode, atom, etc. It’s quite dangerous to work without this.

Hope to see this feature soon, thanks!

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will be implemented in 0.13.16

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