Permanently anchor both sidebar toggle buttons

Use case or problem

With the option to disable the ribbon menu outright, the left sidebar toggle button has now become a moving click target — needlessly switching its position between the sidebar and workspace. This has long been the case with the right sidebar, and how its button moves every time it opens and closes (unless the window frame style is set to ‘Obsidian frame’).

Hidden/Default Frame, Ribbon Enabled
Hidden/Default Frame, Ribbon Disabled
Obsidian Frame, Ribbon Enabled
Obsidian Frame, Ribbon Disabled

Proposed solution

Permanently affix these buttons to its respective corners.

I suggest that these buttons be moved under titlebar-button-container (the same ones holding the OS min/max/close buttons), if not a new and similarly anchored <div> class. Below is a proof of concept of just that.

Buttons Under titlebar-button-container

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


I felt the same way plus wanted to hide the ribbon when the sidebar is closed, but show it when the sidebar is visible. So I added this bit of JavaScript to a script I have set to run when Obsidian starts up using QuickAdd.

if (! {
	const leftsidebarbutton = document.getElementsByClassName("sidebar-toggle-button mod-left");

	async function syncribbon() {"showRibbon", !,,

	for(let i=0; i < leftsidebarbutton.length; i++) {   
		leftsidebarbutton[i].addEventListener("click", function() {
		}, {passive: true})