Obsidian Interface: Sidebar Toggle Controls


This is the current sidebar layout:

  • The sidebar toggle controls are disconnected from the intuitive rectangle space of the sidebar.
  • The sidebar icon itself does not give any indication of movement.
  • On the right sidebar, the icon is visually cut off by a separator. Many plugins using the right sidebar must include a disclaimer about where to find their interface - users don’t know the right sidebar exists.


Move the sidebar toggle control and change the icon:

A - The sidebar toggle control is no longer hidden among tools.
B - The ribbon is now a distinct entity from the sidebar.
C - The sidebar toggle control makes use of whitespace in the editor.
D - The arrow icon indicates movement.
E - A thin vertical line shows the area of movement.
F - The icon and thin line remain visible when the sidebar is collapsed, indicating the presence of the sidebar.

Thanks for taking the time to share this.

This is not always true. If the tab size is small, you get no space of little space.

I am not sure you if are aware there’s different window frame style that is symmetrical
settings → appearance → window style frame → obsidian or native frame.

Then the toggles can become little nubs on window resize. :slight_smile: Edit: Or disappear on resize and reappear on hover: the important part is that users can see that the right sidebar exists at some point.

The native frame has its own set of issues - it’s slightly different, but still unintuitive with roughly the same problems.

Something like this.