Peer2Peer Collaboration

Use case or problem

  1. Collaborated Editing
  • Across two or more people (good for Teams) .
  • Across devices of same person.
  1. Chat and Communication.
  • Assuming that it is going to be on server-less P2P model, This will allow users to skip any third party service, and allow better privacy and control.

Proposed solution

I suggest a Peer2Peer solution for collaboration. On server-less model, (server-less implies that no server computer will negotiate when establishing P2P contact, it must all depend on individual peer’s user-agent (user-agent=Obsidian).

As per my Idea, you don’t need a Obsidian Account to collaborate. The connections are formed on ad-hoc basis, and Secure.


  • There can a “Collaboration” settings tab under Settings > Plugin Options.
  • Where user creates/generates a “Collaboration Code (simple text)”, or “Service URL/QR Code of Service URL(real url or obsidian url, I don’t know)”
  • The user needs to share this Collaboration Code to his/her Collaborating partner who inturn will enter it in his/her Open vault > Onboarding Screen> New Collaboration Vault > give local location to save > Enter Code/URL > get started.
  • On entering that shared code/URL, The two Obsidian apps will establish a P2P connection. Tada!
  • The collaboration access has to be set per vault. The users may choose to set collaboration
  1. Always active.
  2. Activate on Toggle On/Off.
  • Additional Features:
  1. Optional User Profile picture, User Name, etc independent from Obsidian Account.

For Chat service,

  • There can be a tab under sidebar pane which shows a Chat among all peers, (similar to Zoom).
  • The Chat pane can float too or dock to bottom of app UI.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

Yeah, I saw few months ago.


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