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Hi there,

My question is… is it possible for someone else to edit my obsidian published vault?

For example, I can share an evernote note to edit… but I would like to get them to input into my second brain for some of my projects…

One of the projects im working on is creating a networked thought vault with 6 other collaborators but none of them are on obsidian…

So it’s hard to continuously share with them the context of my linking when I just export via pdf a specific note to them.

More generally… how can multiplayers collaborate together to build out or annotate a vault?

Any advise or help is much appreciated


What I’m trying to do


Obsidian files are just Markdown files. So, if you share a file in any way (e.g., a sync service like Dropbox, emailing, whatever), you can have someone else edit it.

There’s no features supporting multi-user live collaboration (like Google Docs) yet, however. So it’s up to you to figure out how to manage multiple people editing at once.

The best option for continuous collaboration is probably to sync an entire vault via a sync service, then have your collaborators also use Obsidian. Otherwise they won’t be able to create links or navigate Obsidian syntax.

However, if they’re just editing something that doesn’t rely on Obsidian features, just sending them the markdown file is probably best.

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Thank you very much Ryan.

Will look into syncing a vault with a cloud service and getting everyone to use Obsidian.

We are looking to publish our vault of networked thought post continuously collaborating on it, workflow right now is messy.

For sure. Your team is not the only one pursuing this. E.g.,

Live share / team collaborative editing
Obsidian for research collaboration
Sync Sharing
Team Documentation Sharing in Obsidian
Peer2Peer Collaboration


Thanks for this.

Just to make sure I get.

So via Obsidian Sync and Publish together today:

  • can multiple collaborators about 10 work together seamlessly to merge and publish?


what is the best way to do this today - seems like it is as simple as getting files uploaded to a cloud based system and everyone accesses them through obsidian.

Your help is appreciated ryan

I’m pretty sure your only constraints will be:

  • the willingness of collaborators to use the app; and
  • using good collaborative workflows to keep track of changes.

If I were you, I’d trial it on a small part of the project first!

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