Can multiple users edit at the same time?

I’ve already seen these posts:

So I assume it’s not possible atm?
But if you’re not editing the same document, is it possible to have multiple people edit an Obsidian (different documents) at the same time?
Thinking about using Obsidian within my team.


Yes, you can definitely do that.



  • So what happens if two people were to edit at the same time? Do notes get ‘read-only’ locked like if you were to open a regular document.
  • Does the sync service you guys offer work for this solution? (or does syncing the folder itself with a 3rd party program also work?)

Your question (the one I quoted) asks about different documents, right? In that case it’s alright. If you work on the same document, I think the later change would just override.

Yes, the latest Obsidian Sync comes with conflict merging. Synced vaults can’t be shared yet, so please use the same account on multiple devices.

I hope that helps!

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Look for Yjs. Peer 2 peer collaborative spaces.

Update on this. Haven’t tested it myself yet. But for anyone who stumbles onto this thread: