Peek Inside Note from File Explorer

Currently in File Explorer 0.12.1, you click or tap a file and it opens the note. Very briefly in the Obsidian release 0.11.x, a bug surfaced where a click or tap on a file would open a small window and allow you to peek inside the file without opening it. A double click was required to open the file. It was fixed in 0.12.0. I would recommend having a tap or click open the file and have either a press and hold or a double tap to allow a peek inside.

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you could activate the page preview core plugin so a window would pop-up when you hover over the file name

I had it activated but was set to require the Ctrl key which is totally fine. This can be closed as this feature is already in place. Thanks for the heads up.


Hi @ddetton. Just saw your follow-up in Discord. My initial comment (from Discord) was related to behaviour on mobile, hence pre version 0.0.17 (iOS, at least), where you usually don’t hoover over with your finger (would also be nice - maybe that’s possible in the future of feature requests, with some magnetic-related voodoo).

Anyways, it’s related to same bug (I guess), but for me, it was the default behaviour on single tapping (mobile only) an internal link note (pre version 0.0.17), which would give you a kinda fast way to “preview your way around”, without changing/leaving the note. Now (after version 0.0.17) single tapping opens the note link directly, where it previously would require a double tap to change note.

I guess people would like it both ways, so please make it an (optional) feature, whatever the default. :slight_smile: Nice finding (new) features through a bug.