[Feature] Single tap a (back)link to trigger Page Preview on mobile

Use case or problem

On mobile, I would love an option to make single tapping a backlink (again, on mobile) trigger a page preview, instead of changing the active note.

This would make it kinda fast to “preview your way around in the notes”, without ever changing/leaving the note you have open (like really fast, and similar to the behaviour on desktop). You could also do “preview in preview”, etc. (again, without changing note).

Proposed solution

Maybe long press/double tap, etc. could actually change the active note (or something else, possible with finger gestures, etc.). I guess people would like it both ways (preview or change note), so please make it an (optional) feature, whatever the default.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

This was actually possible (default) pre release 0.0.17 (at least on iOS), but was fixed as a bug, as understood (not intended behaviour), discussed on Discord back in april (sorry it took so long making it a feature request), re: question from me here and kindly answered by Licat here

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