PDF to Obsidian markdown with embedded images

Things I have tried

I have searched the forum and looked into markdownload and pandoc and cannot get it to work.

What I’m trying to do

As a workaround, I am currently using Acrobat to export the PDFs to word documents. Then I am opening in libreoffice writer and selecting all and copying to Obsidian. This gives Obsidian a pretty decent quality text conversion with some extra lines where pictures were but that does not affect preview and is besides the point. My next step is to copy the images from the temporary location within the appdata folder that libreoffice stores them. I paste these into the vault. Then finally I select the beginning part of one of the image links (the part representing the path and do a find and replace replacing that with


Finally, I do a find and replace for


And replace it with


Basically, I am happy with the end product of my workaround but really want to find a faster alternative other than capturing the content properly into markdown in the first place, which I am still struggling with easy options for that as well.

Anyways, thanks for any help.

Edit: @kenan kindly suggested this workflow which appears to be quite a good option: Converting to PDF to markdow with images in obsidian

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