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I didn’t see a response to this and I’m also finding pdf handling frustrating. To open an embedded pdf on Preview for Mac I have to click show outgoing links and then use the context menu on the link to open the pdf in Preview.

Personally I don’t find the built in pdf viewer useful, so if I can turn this off, that would help.

Apologies if I’ve missed it, but I have searched here and hunted through the options.

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Would just linking to the PDF work, or is it important to embed it? If it’s linked, you click to read it, and the pane has the usual menu with “Open in default app”.

Embedded notes have a link to the file. That’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but if all embeds included a link to the file it would reduce your problem.

Edit: You can click the top edge of the PDF embed to reveal the file link, but it’s hard to do (with image embeds you can just click anywhere in the image).

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Thanks CawlinTeffid, click the top edge was what I was looking for! Not very discoverable, but does the job. For clarity for anyone else, it seems you have to be just above the pdf, where the mouse pointer changes to a text caret. Then the file name appears and you can right-click and select open in the default app.

I second this request. If I write [[abcde.pdf]] I would that link to open using the system default, not the internal (in-line) pdf reader. The inline reader is too small most of the time for me.

How do we interrupt this inline reader and ensure that “Open in default app” is the default behavior when a PDF is linked?

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