(Live) Preview experience - improve pdf and attachment display

Hi there,

i finally made the full switch from notion over craft to Obsidian and LOVE the simplicity, flexibility & power of obsidian !!
However there is one major UI concern to me, especially since Live Preview got introduced: i don’t like the rendering of pdf- files and files attachements AT ALL.
I am currently using things theme (been on minimal before).

  • The pdf-box to me destroy the reading/ editing flow pretty much (plus it’s missing basic features like opening the underlying file in an external reader by button or rightclick somewhere - you always have to navigate to the underlying file link in the editor > then you can right click…).
  • The box displayed for other file attachements (e.g. xls, doc etc.) is just plain ugly (even though the click to open functionality is still there).

Are you sharing the same frustration?

From your experience - is there a way to change how pdf and attachments are displayed in (live) preview mode (couldn’t find a plugin) or another hack for improving this?

Thanks tons in advance !!

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