PDF export of note with footnotes based on pages

I am using Microsoft work DOCX format to authoring a mybook ( persian / rtl-ltr mixed), and am using git LFS for versioning.

As you might know already, Git is not good with binary files( there are some solutions like rezip etc. but they are not good for co-authoring and checking diff and merging etc.)

I found-out that I can use Obsidian and it has some plugins like footnote and auto rtl support and it uses mark down which is in plain text and therefor git friendly.

The only Major problem I have now is, the footnote goes at the end of the file, but I want to make each footnote at the end of it’s own page [a4].

Is there any good solution for that? and what is your suggestion.

ps. I found this PDF export of note with footnotes but it seems the plugins does not support pdf export at all.

As far as I know, the pandoc-plugin (as suggested in the linked topic) is still the only way in Obsidian to influence what happens with the exported footnotes.

Pandoc, actually does support pdf export. However, in order to get the plugin to work, you have to separately install both, pandoc and PDFLaTeX. If you are new to both, you should read this and this.

Note, that the pandoc-plugin just helps you to use pandoc (and LaTeX) from within Obsidian. However, you can also use it on the command line, providing an .md file as the input.

Non-Obsidian alternative: You may also try to open the .md in VSCodium/VSCode and export a pdf using a community plugin. You can find multiple plugins searching for “markdown to pdf”.

I have no personal experience with any of these, but you may give them a try and play with the settings.

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