PDF export: Make links within same document functional

+1 please

Chromium’s Skia/PDF m113, the thing that gives “Save to PDF” in the print page dialog of the browser, exports HTML to PDF correctly, with functioning internal links.

In Obsidian v1.3.3 accessing process.versions in the Dev Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows) shows Chrome at version 112.0.5615.183 and Electron 24.3.1 (latest stable)

So I guess it’s not a question of the Obsidian team updating Electron.

This bug probably involves some post-processing of the note’s generated preview markup which must have some custom solution to internal links. That has to be turned back into real HTML anchor links, so that printToPDF can do the PDF conversion correctly.

Is this hard to do, would it introduce breaking changes or something?

+1, i would love to have this feature. But i wonder if there aren’t any workarounds for now? like a third party plugin for exporting maybe?

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