PDF export: Make links within same document functional

Use case or problem

I often generate PDFs from notes for others to read (think instruction manuals) and I use links to headers and blocks inside the same document for easy navigation.

Now external links (Markdown style) work fine in the generated PDF, Obsidian-type links (into the vault) and internal links like [[#Installation]] are displayed like links but don’t work.

I understand that links into the vault (i.e., outside the current document) will never work, but links within the same document should!

Proposed solution

Make internal links (within the same document) work in the PDF. This should be comparatively easy, especially since they usually look like this:

[[#A heading]]
[[#^3dc8bc|A link to a block]]

Current workaround

None found.

Related feature request

To make it easier for readers of the PDF, non-working links like [[Into the Vault]] should probably have a different color in the PDF (subdued? darker? lighter?), or none at all.


Fully supporting this feature request !

Not for me (v0.12.19)
They look like to a link, but they not linked, is just a text.

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