PDF export: Make links within same document functional

+1. Right now I have to use HTML for making internal links work in pdf, but this makes them broken in Obsidian. So two versions of the document are needed, which is tiresome

+1. Functional internal PDF links would be fantastic.

I would be very interested in this! I have been using Obsidian to do technical writeups, and it’s nice to be able to share them in PDF form with colleagues. It makes it easy to create beautiful documents and include cool things from plugins, but sometimes these documents get lengthy, so link support would let me make a table of contents for the PDF.

Seconded!! It is frustrating that this feature doesn’t exist, given how easy it is to create manuals using Obsidian!

Another +1 here – I create manuals using Obsidian, but the lack of a real Table of Contents forces me to switch to other approaches… I’d like to be able to just stay on Obsidian!

+1 to this feature request!
It would definitely make my workflow much smoother.

+1 please add this. It would be amazing for large notes that have to be exported.

I use Obsidian to take Uni notes, and very often I make links between different notes. I need them also in pdf version. Please make this real.

+1 – this feature would be extremely useful for making Tables of Contents functional in exported PDF documents. (Even better if headings became PDF bookmarks, but that’s probably not even necessary to get the basic feature request working.)