PDF export: Make links within same document functional

+1. Right now I have to use HTML for making internal links work in pdf, but this makes them broken in Obsidian. So two versions of the document are needed, which is tiresome

+1. Functional internal PDF links would be fantastic.

I would be very interested in this! I have been using Obsidian to do technical writeups, and it’s nice to be able to share them in PDF form with colleagues. It makes it easy to create beautiful documents and include cool things from plugins, but sometimes these documents get lengthy, so link support would let me make a table of contents for the PDF.

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Seconded!! It is frustrating that this feature doesn’t exist, given how easy it is to create manuals using Obsidian!

Also, all my research notes are in Obsidian and now that I want to write a report implementing those notes via internally linking them to each other and creating a report for other people to read, it is difficult :confused: Such a shame

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Another +1 here – I create manuals using Obsidian, but the lack of a real Table of Contents forces me to switch to other approaches… I’d like to be able to just stay on Obsidian!

+1 to this feature request!
It would definitely make my workflow much smoother.

+1 please add this. It would be amazing for large notes that have to be exported.

I use Obsidian to take Uni notes, and very often I make links between different notes. I need them also in pdf version. Please make this real.

+1 – this feature would be extremely useful for making Tables of Contents functional in exported PDF documents. (Even better if headings became PDF bookmarks, but that’s probably not even necessary to get the basic feature request working.)

+1 for this feature. I have been using Obsidian for my notes at work. I’ve now begun writing documentation in Obsidian. Having a Table of Contents that works when I export to PDF would be a game changer.

I fully agree - I‘m asking for better export features in other posts as well, not sure if that is heard by the developers.
Seems that many people are happy with a nice gathering of info - but don‘t care for exporting.

I really think Obsidian need strong exports - from pdf, word, rtf to html as core plugin!

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+1… This should have been a core feature since the beginnings


Had to spend time writing my own script in order to convert to LateX in a way that maintains the internal links.

It would be so useful to export pdf with the links!!

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Just looked if this was a feature I didn’t know how to.
Definitely would be worth it IMHO.
I exported the markdown to notion and just rewrote my whole reference section and added the table of contents, that works.

I am guessing might also work with typora, but its a bit silly having to have to use other tools. For exporting I keep finding myself having to do this though.


Definitely +1!

It’s just a wonderful feature that you have to chase in other applications like Typora or Notion. Notion, oddly enough, can’t handle files of my size and doesn’t just export them. I love Obsidian due to its export to PDF and the flexibility of customization, thanks to a cool community. When I first tried to export to an Obsidian Markdown file, I was surprised that the hyperlink didn’t work. Of course, I’m incredibly looking forward to this feature and I’m surprised it wasn’t implemented in the first place!

+1 - Would be great for academic writing

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+1, please make this feature available.

+1, for this one, really need this to make longer and complex documents easier to read

+1 for this request, it would be really great to be able to make TOCs in generated PDFs.

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+1 It will be amazingly useful