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I’m not sure how useful this would be for everyone, so maybe this should be in Plugins. Anyway, when in a heavily interlinked vault, with lots of zettelkasten-style notes, I for one would love a way to outline connections between two different notes. Say there are two topics, and I want to see how they relate and take advantage of this network-style approach. I would select the two notes, and paths between them would be highlighted.


I think that could be a good idea, but problem is that the number of possible paths can be huge if your notes are well-connected. Maybe just show the shortest path?


Hmm, I didn’t think of that. And it wouldn’t really make sense for Obsidian to require more powerful hardware for such a feature.
I don’t think that showing the shortest path is a perfect solution, either. As far as I know, the only way to solve this sort of a maze is through trying every possible path, at least with a conventional programming. There’s an entire wikipedia page on the shortest path problem, so it sounds like a big task.

…perhaps this would work if you could filter direct, one step and two step paths? Would find key linking notes and tags.

No, one absolutely does not have to try every possible path to find one (or all) shortest path between two notes. In Obsidian’s case, a simple Breadth-first search is sufficient. Notice that this search can be implemented such that its running time is independent of your graph size.
Thus finding a shortest path would absolutely not be a problem computationally, but whether a shortest path is meaningful highly depends on your use case of course.

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Just updating this to mention the Journey plugin. Doesn’t show up in the graph view, but fulfills my purposes just fine.

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