Pasting images from clipboard (sometimes) not working

What I’m trying to do

I am pasting images from clipboard into an Obsidian page. This works fine (shows an image file name and the image within the page.) until it suddenly doesn’t.

It begin to paste ONLY an image file name, but shows no image(?)

Things I have tried

I’ve found that starting a new fresh page will allow pasting that result in an image showing on the page.
Meanwhile, back on the previous page, no image will result from pasting. I have proofed there is something on the clipboard to paste with by pasting it onto something other than the Obsidian page.

Have you experienced this?

What kind of images are you trying to paste? What are typical files and/or origin of the images you’re pasting?

Hi holroy. These are screen shots. I’ve obtained the images with either 1. Flameshot or 2. Copy (on a MAC). Both methods work solidly. A Paste goes onto an Obsidian page - showing a file name (apparently generated by Obsidian?) and the image. I continue making note and another image paste and, suddenly, only the file name (created by Obsidian?) pastes on the page but not the actual image. If I start a new page, the image will paste. But the original page I was working with no longer displays a pasted image.

TIA for any insight.

There was a thread here in this forum where it turned out that the file name made by mac included a timestamp with AM/PM preceded by a narrow space character which caused some issues.

When reading your issue it reminds me about that case, so it might be worthwhile to read that thread and see their resolution of changing the time format used for screenshots.

Hey, thanks much for this! I’ll check it out.