Pasted images links sometimes break and point to a different image

So the behavior of pasted images is really inconsistent - many occurences so far of a newly pasted image (with CTRL+c from the web, CTRL+v in an Obsidian note) replacing an older one in other notes.

Numbering also sometimes restart at 0.

Also, new pasted images fall under the root folder no matter what - might be related.

Please use the template form. Also in your case it would be better to attach a short video demonstrating the bug.

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Have pasted images previously in some notes using CTRL+v
  2. Image gets reassigned an already existing code (Pasted image 1 for example) and overwrites the previous ones

Expected result

Actual result


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.4

Additional information

I think the root cause might be that some notes are in different folders, and it might not keep track of every previously pasted image correctly.

Also, pasted images go to the root folder, and should go instead to the folder of the current note.

what are you settings for attachments and for new link generation.
Please post a gif\video, because I can’t reproduce this.

Not sure I found exact steps to reproduce either, working on it, but it happened 3 times so far.

‘Shortest path when possible’ for new links and Attachment folder path is blank

If attachment folder is blank, it means that when you drag and drop or copy paste they should go the root of vault. So that is not bug.

My expectation is that they would end up in the same folder as the note I paste them in. I have a ‘work’ folder and a ‘home’ folder, and don’t want to put all images I paste in the same folder (even if I was to define an ‘image’ folder).

Still trying to reproduce the weird replacement issue.

There should be a feature request about this. Search the forum and add your support.

I think I understand what your problem is (about linking)

I can make it happen pretty reliably now, although not from scratch.

Have pasted images in notes that are in a subfolder - images are in that subfolder as well

Create a note in the root folder

Paste an image in this new note, then CTRL+Z because you changed your mind (wrong image for example).

The link is now gone from the file, but the new file you pasted still exists in the file browser.

If I look at the file in the internal Obsidian browser, its the equivalent image from a previous note (let’s say Pasted Image 2).

If i go and have a look at it in Windows explorer, its the image I pasted last.

Some kind of weird caching of images going on? Some issue with CTRL+Z? I would expect CTRL+z to completely remove the image I just pasted, not just the link.

Will try to reproduce from scratch in a new vault.

no, but anyway, I understood your problem. I filed another bug report with a minimum example.

Ok thanks - in any case, got it from scratch, here are the steps:

Create new vault
Create note 1
Paste a few images in there
Create folder
Move note and images to folder
Create second note in root folder
Paste a new image in it
Click new pasted image that is somehow still in file browser - it’s showing up as the very first image you pasted.

Can’t replicate the opposite, which is image in note 1 being updated by a newly pasted image, but pretty sure it has to do with folders and moving pasted images around.

ctrl-z should not delete the image you pasted. This is something that we have not implemented yet and I am not sure we want to do. You can open a feature request about this.

Thank you anyway I think I found another issue. Thanks for the report. It’s a bit tricky you were helpful. Thanks.