Pasting images do not trigger internal-link collision detection

  • Assume you have note a in the root
  • Assume this note embeds a previously pasted image Pasted Image.png.
  • Now move Pasted Image.png to a subdir\Pasted Image.png.
  • The internal link [[Pasted Image.png]] stays the same (correct).
  • Assume now that you paste another image. It ends up in the root as Pasted Image.png.

In this case, the internal-link in should be updated so that it keeps pointing to the original pasted image (i.e. [[subdir\pasted image.png]]).
It is not, so the link points to the NEW pasted image instead of old one.

The solution is to trigger the collision system upon pasting attachments.
Also, use Pasted Image %date-%time instead of a sequential number.

moved to timestamp based pasting