Pasted images appear too big

I am using Obsidian mostly for documentation with a lot of screenshots which I paste from the clipboard into the notes.
The question I have is why the images always appear bigger in preview mode than their original size. This is very annoying because the screenshots get blurred.

Is there any way to disable the image scaling?

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Does this happen in the Help Vault too? I can’t recreate this problem. It might be related to a plugin, or more likely a theme or CSS snippet.

And what version of Obsidian? What OS?

I tested with “Readable line length” turned on and off. That didn’t make a difference. I tested with a small image and a very large image.

Or at least can you give an example or a screenshot/screencapture? Does it happen on every image? Or just images below or above a certain size?

Hi Chris,

I am on Obsidian 0.12.19 on MacOS Monterey.
Yes, it’s the same in the help vault.
You can see the behaviour on a new vault here:

2021-12-01 23.46.33

By default, embed images “fill” the line length (width = 100%) and they’re not related with the “real” size in pixels.
I think you can change that via css, but the most fast way is adding the size with the syntax ![[image.jpg|500]]

Sorry, not “by default”… only in my theme :confused:.
@rigmarole is right about “retina” effect.

I thought you meant you were seeing a difference between edit mode and preview mode.

I’m guessing you are on a Retina monitor right? This is just the way content pastes from Retina screenshots. macos - How can I stop my retina display from taking 2x sized screenshots? - Ask Different

Paste an image into this forum and you’ll see the same result.

It’s definitely annoying, but you might find some workarounds in that link.

Hey Chris,

I recently changed from a mid 2012 to a M1 Macbook and never would have seen the coherence between both machines regarding the screenshot size.
Thanks a lot for pointing this out.

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