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I just came up with an idea of a paraphrasing tool plugin for Obsidian with functionalities such as: academic phrase bank, rewriting tools, check for plagiarism, etc similar to Ref-n-Write or QuillBot.


Interesting idea, but as a teacher I feel obliged to say that paraphrasing someone else’s words without citing them is still plagiarism. In the academic world it’s a form of stealing. Don’t do it. A lot of students honestly don’t understand this, and companies take advantage of that ignorance to offer services they know are dishonest and promote cheating. Don’t let them.

I’m sure you have another use in mind :slight_smile: So I’m curious, what would the use of such a plugin be beyond committing plagiarism? I’m totally open to there being one, but I can’t think of one myself. I’d love to know.

Hi JAndrew2, thanks for your reply.
I understand your concern regarding using a paraphrasing tool for plagiarism, but this is not my intention.
I see many researchers using Obsidian for note taking, writing, etc. and a paraphrasing plugin with an academic phrase bank (in this case built in Obsidian), rewriting suggestions (to improve writing) and check if the text is original from other sources (plagiarism check) would be very helpful!
Here is an exemple of an academic phrase bank from the University of Manchester:

That’s fascinating! So is the phrase bank essentially like a thesaurus for phrases?

Yes, I would say it helps to polish the writing, giving a more academic “tone” to your essay. I think it would be helpful especially with a nonnative English (like me :slight_smile: )

That’s really interesting! I can definitely see that being helpful. Thanks for teaching me something new :slight_smile:

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