Copyscape API - Plagiarism Scanner (Cheap)

Hello fellow Obsidians,

I was wondering if anyone is interested in developing a very simple/minimalistic plugin which links Copyscape’s plagiarism API with Obsidian.

So we can quickly check our texts for plagiarism within Obsidian itself, for very cheap because Copyscape charges only 1-3 cents per 100 words.

From my limited understanding, it should be relatively easy to build, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Not sure if anyone else requires such an integration, but if not, I’m happy to fund this project myself, as long as the price is reasonable. And if anyone wants to chip in for the development cost, that would be nice also.

Any input and suggestions are highly appreciated!

According to Copyscape Premium - API Guide they expect a Source URL to the document to analyse. You don’t have that for a text that is stored on your local PC.

You can send a text search request and provide the text to their API, I think?

my bad. Oversaw that:

Text to be searched (t): If you are using the Raw POST method, as described above, the raw text should be supplied in the POST payload without a parameter name and without any urlencoding.

Would be interesting to know what the max. text length is.

Thanks a ton for discussing this!

Yes, I thought: Copyscape Premium - API Guide would be the way to go also.

Not sure if this plugin suggestion of mine is an unpopular opinion, but I think having instantaneous plagiarism scanning within Obsidian itself will be immensely valuable.

Particularly for those who do academic work, but for others as well.

How difficult would it be to develop such a plugin?


Don’t get me wrong … I’m not doing academic work, therefor just guessing your workflows …

But I assume you would scan your paper for plagiarism about one or two times, mostly before publishing/sharing, right?

In that case, it would be better to not hope for a plugin, rather spend a few minutes for a manual task: Export to plain text. Add text in the copyscape gui (whatever it looks like). Check.

Especially, when the results of the Copyscape Check are web pages with “similar” content. Obsidian is not a web browser.